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A sibling duo looking to make a difference in the property market by introducing new marketing ideas and concepts that have proven to work. 


Nyxka Zeung is the International / Far Eastern Representative for Harcourts Active Real Estate in Wellington and is a frequent traveller to Asia, often visiting six major cities in a year. The experience of travelling so often has created an even greater appreciation of home and family for her.


Team Z is fond of saying “It makes no difference how glamorous or exciting the city is, everyone yearns for that place called ‘home’”. Let us help you find yours.

By categorising property through destination and lifestyle features, you can experience property by selecting your location, lifestyle, recreation and eco preferences. Whether you are searching for a mountain-top hideaway, or a coastal escape, Team Z will deliver a myriad of options which pair perfectly with your passions. 


Coming from a multi field of previous experience  and working with property. The team brings many skills that have pushed them to stride further in todays market and being passionate about property as you are, we know what it is like to buy and sell. 


With the amount of knowledge combind expecially in trade and interior, Team Z is exception to none when it comes to service and having to understand more than one language expands further opportunities in the real estate market. Being tech savy with the latest technology, we keep ourselves up to date with the latest tools that improve our systems.


With a positive motivated attitude Team Z are open with people that make us able to work with all sorts of people who will enjoy our company. Our philosophy is to help those in need where possible at the best of our skills in the property market and to offer them the advice they need as individuals.


We are constantly working overseas and by taking Real Estate to a whole new level, we work closely with international clients who are looking within New Zealand.

With a passion for success, Team Z will be proud to help you discover your journey in to the real estate world. You will love working with Team Z  as we can find your Kiwi dream home.

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Nyxka Zeung

Licensed Sales Consultant REAA 2008
International Representive

Zark Zeung

Licensed Sales Consultant REAA 2008
Wellington Region Rising Star 


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