Ensure the letter box is in good condition with the street number readily visible. Keep all lawns mowed, gardens weeded, edges and hedges trimmed Ensure gates are working properly. 

Wash fences and gatesor re-paint if needed. Remove section clutter and any items lying about unnecessarily such as bikes, tools, ladders, hoses, etc. 

Power-wash the entrance paths, drivewaysand walking paths. 

Wash the exterior as well as having clean streak free windows. This can make an enormous difference.

Ensure guttering and down pipes are clean. Remove spider webs and any other grime.

Ensure your pets are secured and tidied up after so that they won’t pose a threat (or poops eyesore) to prospective purchasers

Exterior lights that work is a must for evening inspections

When it comes to sell your home, our shared objective, whether it's your home or part of an investment portfolio, is to make it as smooth an experience as possible and one that maxmises your investment return. 

To assist you Harcourts Johnsonville would like to share some simple presentation tips which will help present your property to its best advantage.

It’s true. First impressions REALLY DO COUNT.For example, it has been estimated that over 50% of properties are sold before the prospective purchasersteps through the front door.Further, it is often the little things that can make the biggest impact.

In dressing your property for success the aim is to appeal to the senses of prospective purchasers from the moment they first view your property until they complete their inspection.

Listed below are a few practical ways in which you can make an instant and positive impression upon your property which will go a long way towards promoting a successful sale.

We’ll step through it in a little more detail later (see Action Plan below) but first lets cover off the things you shouldbe aware of and consider. 

Dress your property for SUCCESS:
Tips for selling - Outside Appeal:
It’s the Little Things that Count:
Create a Feeling of Spaciousness:

Attend to any small maintenance jobs such as sticking doors or windows, dripping taps, squeaking hinges, loose door handles, blown light bulbs or faulty switches

Ensure your kitchen is spotless with the working areas uncluttered and cupboards and drawers likewise uncluttered and tidy. 

Make sure wardrobes are tidy and uncluttered. They will look bigger. 

Mirrors in smaller rooms can convey the impression of more space. 

To convey an impression of a room being larger perhaps store some furniture and ornaments. 

Reinforce Positive First Impressions:
  • Your front door and entrance area is very important particularly in giving off a sense of warmth and welcome. A newly decorated front door with attractive topiary shrubs either side can be effective. 


  • Clean screen doors.

  • Properties yet to be renovated can visually indicate to prospective purchasers the potential of the property by decorating the walls, ceiling and floor of the front entrance. Position an attractive plant or piece of art to add the finishing touch. 


  • A general spring clean will freshen the look and the air. Don’t forget to dust and clean light fixtures.


  • Use odour neutralisers to dispel the smell of cigarettes or animals. 


  • Place freshly cut flowers. 


  • The professional steam cleaning of carpets. 


  • Bathrooms and kitchens should be gleaming all over. The aroma of brewing coffee or freshly baked bread will convey animpression of homeliness and that you enjoy the property. 

  • Interesting knick knacks, books or artwork in feature areas can encourage prospective buyers to linger and imagine their own pieces in setting.


  • Turn the radio or TV off perhaps in favour of arestful background CD


  • Turn on sufficient lights when inspections are being held to compensate for dark areas. Use mood lighting.


  • Ensure the inside temperature is comfortable – light the fire in winter for that homely feel.

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